Short films Competition 480 / FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTETH / II EDITION

Poster 480Cinema, short films: selections for the short films Competition /480th / – II EDITION are about to start. The film competition is open to Texan students as well.

Palermo, February 16th, 2012

The E.R.S.U. of Palermo, the Regional Authority for the University studies of Palermo, announces the second edition of short films Competition QUATTROCENTOTTANTA /480th /.

The competition, reserved for young directors, has an open theme; the works presented must be unpublished.

The university students, entered at mentioned below institutes and/or universities, can register for the competition: the University of Palermo, the L.U.M.S.A of Palermo and institutes of Higher Artistic Education and/or of Higher Musical Education, the Academy of Arts of Palermo, the Conservatoire Bellini of Palermo, the Conservatoire Scontrino of Trapani, the Academy Kandinskij of Trapani, the Academy Michelangelo of Agrigento, the Academy Abadir of S. Martino delle Scale, the Conservatoire Toscanini of Ribera.

This edition of the competition foresees an Italian section and an International one reserved for the Rice University (Houston, TX) and/or the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, TX students.

All the instructions to take part in the competition are available on the web site the expiry date is April 13th 2012. Three prizes are raffled off for each section respectively of the value of: one thousand 500 Euro, one thousand Euro and 700 Euro.

For the winners of the Texan students section the hospitality is provided moreover for a period of seven days at one of the purpose-built structures of the Authority.

The initiative is realized in range of exchanges started in previous months with the Rice University (Houston, TX) and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, TX in cooperation with the CSNA Confederation of Sicilians in North America.

The announcement of the competitive exam is available on the following web sites:

The short films which took part in the previous edition of the competition can be seen on the youtube channel and on the home page of as well.

For further information:

480th Technical secretariat:

Giovanni Greco – 0916547019 (

Antonella Callari – 0916546001 (

The ERSU Palermo Press bureau:

Dario Matranga (3939956916 –

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